Until Tomorrow Comes

Name : Until tomorrow comes 

Author : Adelaide Forrest 

Pages : 271

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What is it with me and reading dark mafia romance, where she has a toxic family or family member. Like I do not like her sister. I love how he took one look at her and was like. “Isa is mine.”  This is a DARK mafia romance and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion and see the specific content warnings at the front.

Quotes I loved 

⭐️ How can you miss someone who didn’t even have a face in your memory.

⭐️Because I was his to hurt, and nothing else would ever touch me

⭐️The best way to keep his darkness at bay was to control my own 

With one look, Isa captivated me. She consumed me, drawing me into her world without ever knowing the dangers of mine.I intend to make her mine, no matter what lies I need to tell to manipulate her into falling in love with El Diablo. It should be simple enough, but secrets lurk in the depths of her multicoloured eyes, and I’ll do anything to understand what broke her before I had the chance.

Because she’s mine to break.

Consuming every part of me he touches, he promises to show me passion and the real Ibiza. Though our tryst can never be anything but temporary, I never want to leave the man who makes me wish things were different. But there’s a nightmare hiding within his multicoloured gaze, a phantom rattling at the cages who wants to devour me, to take me and claim me as his.

He’s temptation, pushing me toward sin with his wicked touch. But the sins of the flesh are different from the sins of the mind, and as much as I hate his secrets…

I will never tell him my own.